Easter is just around the corner and I am very excited about our Easter celebration. I had a difficult time deciding on an Easter worship series. I went through idea after idea and nothing seemed to resonate. A matter of fact every thought I had seemed old, tired, and stale. Eventually, my frustration led to prayer. It was during my prayer time that I realized what was old, tired, and a little stale, was not the sermon ideas but it was my heart.

How many Easter services have you experienced? How many times have you listened to sermons on Jesus’ last days? I wanted to do something that was new, fresh, and exciting! But the truth of the matter is, these biblical stories are fresh, and they are exciting.  And what is even more exciting is the possibility that they may be new to someone sitting in our congregation.

Join us on Easter at 9:30 am whether the Easter story is new to you of if you’ve heard it 50+ times. It’ll be exciting and fresh at Blue Ridge!  We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday morning.  – Pastor Anchul