Approximately 30 years ago I began a journey. One that started in a non-denominational church that stood just a block from Daytona Beach. I had many questions and few answers. My most pressing question…How can the entire Jewish nation be wrong about the Messiah? I spent six months faithfully reading through the new testament, only to be left frustrated and uncertain. It wasn’t until I went back, that I discovered I could journey forward. The answers to the question I had couldn’t be found in the new testament alone. I needed to go back to the old testament. Instead of separating the two, I needed to discover the how each completed the other. The answers I was searching for would ultimately be discovered amongst the prophets of the old testament, and the fullness of the new testament.

On December 2, we begin a new worship series entitled, Prophets and Players. We will look deep into scripture, while combining it with historical fact to discover a better understanding of who the prophets were, and how they impacted not only the world around them, but our understanding of God, the birth of Jesus and His informative years. Join me as we journey back to discover the magnificence of the birth of our Savior this Christmas season.   – Pastor Anchul