Serve & Connect:  The Church

Volunteers?  They are the ones who are on the front lines of our ministry. They invest time, talents, gifts, and their hearts into our church. That’s why we value and treasure the people who have chosen to share their lives with us.  Volunteers do not essentially have the time, they simply have the heart.  One way to grow in your relationship with Jesus is to have an intentional relationship with people who have the same goal and a perfect place for that is here at Blue Ridge where so many opportunities exist.  Meeting with people in small or large groups, working to make our ‘brick and mortar’ a better place to gather and worship, assisting with child care or being part of our Hospitality Team.  Our Worship Arts Team, Children and Youth Ministry and Men’s Group are just a few of the many available groups that would love to hear from you if you feel a calling to volunteer.    We are very proud of our volunteers here at Blue Ridge.  After browsing the below list, please call the church office at 816-353-1435 if you have any questions or if you’d like more information about volunteering.


The people of all ages who participate in music groups at Blue Ridge not only have a deep love of music in their hearts, but love for the Lord and their church. Being disciples of Jesus, they give their talents and gifts, offering praise to God and helping to lead in worship. If you’d like to join one of the musical groups or share your special talent – contact our Worship Arts Director Kevin Hershberger.  He’d love to talk with you and help you find a place to continue your faith journey in our music program.


At Blue Ridge we welcome our children by inviting them to be an active part of our church family and by demonstrating to them that they are vital members of our Christian community.  Whether it’s Sunday school, our Wednesday evening program, childcare, or any other activity, we are blessed with a caring staff and volunteers who create a loving, safe environment where children can come to know Christ.  Our programs are structured for ages two through 5th grade.


Our Blue Ridge Youth Group caters to young women and men 6th grade through high school. Because different ages have different needs and interests, our Youth Group consists of a mid-high group (6th though 8th grade) and a high school group (freshmen through seniors).   If you have an interest in working with the youth please contact the church office at 353-1435.


An organization of men, including both current and former members and staff that meet at 7:00am the first Saturday of the month at a local restaurant (Ginger’s 11555 E 63rd St.) for a brief meeting and fellowship.  Everyone is welcome!  The Men of Blue Ridge provide scholarships to Graduating High School Seniors, subject to the rules set up by MoBR.  The MoBR support causes promoted by Blue Ridge.


The Men of Blue Ridge provide scholarships to Graduating High School Seniors, subject to the rules set up by MoBR.  The MoBR is an organization of men, including both current and former members and staff.


The United Methodist Women meet in small groups called circles, once a month, and as a larger group in the monthly Unit Meeting.  All women of the church are invited to visit and learn more about us. The UMW of Blue Ridge have an extensive outreach program including Spofford Home, Della Lamb, Ronald McDonald House, Hope House and more. Read more about the United Methodist Women here.


The Women’s Bible Study & Issues Group meets the first and third Thursday of the month from 10:00-12:00 noon. They have enjoyed a variety of studies over the years and enjoy lively discussions relating biblical times to current day.  Scripture reading, research, interpretation and study are part of every meeting. Ladies often enjoy a lunch together where conversation will likely continue!


Our vision, Connecting People Along The Way, is our guiding force in ministry. We are working to create a Sunday morning experience that fulfills our vision by creating procedures and practices to welcome and connect visitors and members. Everyone with a willing spirit and an open heart is encouraged to join us.


Grief Care group started as an outgrowth of our GriefShare program which is designed to help people during the grief process.  One of the things we learned was that the healing process of grief  is helped by reaching out to others who are in need.  Thus the Grief Care program began in July of 2007 and has been ongoing since that time.


Women gather in the church library the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm to discuss their most recent book.  The discussion is led by one of its members.  There is a standing invitation for anyone to visit or join.  If  you have any questions, contact Charlotte Robinson through the church office at 816-353-1435.


Do you like answering phones and greeting people?  Do you have a couple of extra hours a week?  If so, WE WANT YOU!  Join the fun as an Office Angel in the church office a few days a month! Take one, two, three or how ever many days you would like a month for four hours a day. Especially needed from 9:00am to noon.  For more detailed information, contact the church office at 353-1435.