The United Methodist Women in Mission

UMW Logo 03The United Methodist Women organized in 1869-1893 with only six members and today they are nearly 1,000,000 strong.  They are “a community of women whose PURPOSE is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ: to develop a creative fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission though participation in the global ministries of the church.”  They focus on ministries with women, children and youth; both locally and globally; committed to inclusiveness; supporting financially through undesignated giving; develop skills for service, leadership development, and personal growth; and work with other organizations on issues of mutual concern. It started with wives of missionaries to India. Those wives shared information with other women in Boston, about the women in India who could not be seen by a male doctor, and how schooling was almost non-existent. They told of the spiritual and physical needs of the women there, and were asking for help in attending to the needs of those in India.  Those wives raised funds and sent an educator and female doctor to India to help the women there to receive better health, education and an overall better life. The heritage continues as United Methodist Women seek to be: followers of Christ, who live their faith in acts of justice and mercy, mobilizers of human and material resources, as well as looking at new areas for participation in the church and the world. Our ongoing issues are oppression, racism, abuse, justice, and focusing on women, children and youth throughout the world and at home, to be able to become the whole and complete persons we were meant to be.

We meet in small groups called circles, once a month, and as a larger group in the monthly Unit Meeting.  All women of the church are invited to visit and learn more about us. Look for dates and times of meetings in the Sunday calendar in the bulletin, the calendar on the website and for more information our bi-monthly available at the Welcome Center and here on the website under Resources.

The UMW of Blue Ridge have an extensive outreach program including Spofford Home, Della Lamb, Ronald McDonald House, Hope House and more.

Throughout the year the women participate in a variety of projects that benefit local charities such as:

Spofford Home for Children:

Auxiliary members save and prepare Campbell Soup and Box top labels that earn money for the home
Make fleece throws that are given to the children when they arrive and take with them when they leave
Work Christmas in the Park which then donates money to Spofford
Donates Baskets to the annual Gala, which raises money for their work with the children
Help prepare, stuff and mail newsletters and other mailings for Spofford
Participate in “Stone Soup” events in the spring
Make birthday cakes for the children’s birthdays

Della Lamb:

Work Christmas in the Park which then donates money to Della Lamb
Save Best Choice labels and donates the proceeds to the Lamb
Sells items at small events and donates proceeds
Prepare and stuff mailers
Donates to “Operation Santa Claus”
Donates money to Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners
Donates sheets to make crib and cot sheets for the children’s beds
Donates things needed for the Della Mart Store
Work Christmas in the Park
Works Starlight Theater
Donates a basket to the annual Gala

Blue Ridge Blvd UMC:

Donates 10% of all fundraiser activities held at the church
Organize and serve Condolence meals
Make, fill and donate Children’s activity bags for Sunday worship
Volunteer time in many areas of the church
Support youth and adult work camps
Support youth activities
Donate books to the Church library
Established a scholarship Fund to further the Christian Education for our children and youth
Present Special Recognition Pins and Mission Minute Certificates to members of Blue Ridge

Ronald McDonald House:

Make and donate “The Christmas Story” books
Donates aluminum can TABS through the Youth collection
Donates Bibles and children’s books

Church Women United:

Collect materials for various Kits to Festival of Sharing

Hope House:

Collect and donate used cell phones

Other organizations in time of need:

UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief)
Raytown Shepherd Center
REAP (Raytown Emergency Assistance Program)
Neighbor to Neighbor
Mother’s Refuge
City Union Mission
Salvation Army Day Care

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