The Ridge Staff

Anchul Axelrod, Pastor

Eclectic: deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Eclectic definitively describes Pastor Anchul’s (Pronounced On-chull) decorating sense, life and ministry. Born and raised Jewish, Anchul celebrated his bar mitzvah at thirteen. Even throughout his younger years, music played a leading role in his life. Picking up his first guitar at 6 and piano at 8, his desire to pursue a career in music continued on right through college, as he attended Berklee College of Music where he majored in Music Production and Audio Engineering and minored in composition and arranging.

Following Berklee, Pastor Anchul spent a little over five years touring the world working with such groups as Kiss, Tom Petty, Boston, Tonya Tucker, Meatloaf and even Chubby Checker. But all that was about to change.

After marrying Ginny, he decided to retire from touring and moving to Daytona Beach FL. It was there, that he was asked to fix his first church sound system. He has been in the church and in the ministry ever since.

Pastor Anchul found Christ in, what he likes to describe, a tongue talking, bible thumping, non-denominational church.  A few years later, he accepted his first full time ministry position at Riverbend Community Church. Seven additional churches finally led him to The Ridge.  Technology helps word get heard copy

Pastor Anchul’s passion is connecting people to God and to one another. You can always hear him saying, “The gospel is simple. Loving God and loving people.” Anchul is married to Ginny who he calls his ministry partner. He has three beautiful daughters, two cats and a dog, daisy, who often is sitting in his lap while he writes sermons. You can contact Anchul at


Kevin Hershberger, Director of Worship Arts

Kevin has a heart & passion for worshiping the one true God and leading others in the same. Educated at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Oral Roberts University with a strong piano and vocal background, Kevin derives great joy from causing worshipers to get an “ear loop” of a worship song during the daily grind of the week. He has sung with the Kansas City Symphony Chorus for over 20 years, been a Dickens Caroler for almost that and occasionally does some musical theater.

Nothing we say or do will make God love us any more; nothing we say or do will make God love us any less. May we worship the one true God in response to that great, great love. You can contact Kevin at